Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Portal 11g installation with OID 10g ( and SSO (

I want to share my experience of installing Oracle Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Portal 11g with Oracle internet Directory 10g ( and Oracle Single Sign-On 10g ( I did it on windows server 2003 sp2. Under each step I have provided the names of installer packages which can be downloaded from oracle website.

1- Install Oracle Database Do not install starter database, only install Database Software.


2- Install Oracle database companion CD Release R2

a. 10201_companion_win32

3- Apply patch no 6810189 to upgrade Database to

a. p6810189_10204_Win32

4- Copy msvcr71.dll to %windir%\system32 and %windir%\system

5- Create a Listener

6- Create Database using DBCA, Database Character set must be AL32UTF8

7- Modify Database to install oracle Ultra Search Schema using DBCA

8- Register Database with Listener

9- Modify database initialization parameter as under







10- Install MRCA to create repository for Oracle Identity Management( run installer and then run Repository Creation Assistant from start menu.



11- Install Schemas for PORTAL and DISCOVERER 11g by running RCU.BAT from bin directory


12- Install Oracle Identity Management 10g (, here I installed oracle internet Directory, Oracle Single Sign-on, Oracle application server Delegated Administration services and Oracle Directory Integration Platform. I choose “Oracle Application server Infrastructure 10g” on first page of installer and “Identity Management 10g (1.10GB) on second page.



13- Upgrade Oracle identity Management from to by applying patch no. 7215628.This patch can be downloaded from


14- Install Weblogic server 10.3.1

a. oepe11_wls1031.exe

15- Install Forms, Reports, Portal, Discoverer 11g (





16- Now test your installation using following URL


If you get following error

Failure of server APACHE bridge

It means Oracle HTTP server (OHS) is not working, to resolve this

a- copy from %MiddleWareHome%\wlserver_10.3\server\plugin \win\32

b- Paste this file in %OracleHome%\ohs\modules\ directory, Locate file named in this directory, backup file and delete it , Now rename to

c- Restart Your OHS using following command at command Line

opmnctl startproc ias-component=ohs1

5 thoughts on “Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Portal 11g installation with OID 10g ( and SSO (”

  1. re step 2 – Install Oracle database companion CD Release R2 10201_companion_win32 –

    what option did you select for the companion cd installation?

  2. After weeks of struggling through the truly awful Oracle documents I came across this page which helped me immensely to tackle the installation. Many thanks for this. I also found the PFRD viewlets on Metalink useful.

    In case anyone from Oracle is reading this – please give teh chap who wrote this page a job to compile similar notes on how to install your bloatware. I give Oracle 0 out of 10 for documentation.

    One minor criticism is that some more details on teh options selcted/values entered in each bit of the process, but the viewlets help with that.

    By the way, I managed to do all this but I installed PFRD and then patched to I also used WLS 10.3.3 and it worked. My target environment was Win2003 SP2 running as a VMWare Workjstation assigned 4 GB RAM (host has 8Gb) and 28Gb hard disk. The Oracle homes and database (all installed under C:\Oracle) consumed 17Gb GB disk space.

    Given the complete mess you are likely to makes thank to the myriad of Oracle products and patches you need to install and the dodgy abstruse and sketchy documentation I strongly recommend the first few times using VM based machines first and snapshot them to enable easy rollback to set pointsso you can repeat steps when you mess up.

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