Create Virtual Mapping for Forms 11g | Deploy Images and Icons in Forms 11g

This article explains virtual Directory Mapping for Forms 11g version This mapped virtual directory can be used to deploy icons, images, HTML and other files. First part explains how to create virtual mapping to deploy an HTML file and second part explains how to deploy icons and images in Forms 11g.

Create a directory as C:\myapp
Now create an HTML file named “MY.HTML” and place it in C:\myapp directory.
Now locate the file weblogic.xml in following directory


Now add following line to weblogic.xml file


Now open Forms.conf file which can be located at following location


Add following two line in this file

AliasMatch ^/forms/myapp/(..*) “C:\myapp/$1”
WLExcludePathOrMimeType /forms/mypp/

Now Restart HTTP server and open following URL


If page is displayed, virtual mapping is successful.

Note that virtual mapping for Forms is not supported in this way.

Deploy Images and Icons in Forms 11g

Similarly mapped virtual directory can be used to deploy icons and images. To deploy icons or images do following.

Add icons/images to a JAR file using following command

<Oracle Home>\jdk\bin\jar –cvf myAppIcons.jar *.gif

Now place this myAppIcons.jar file to c:\myapp directory .
Now modify formsweb.cfg file by adding following bold face words,


This JAR file can also be places in a pre-mapped directory like $ORACLE_HOME\forms\java.
If you do not want to create JAR files of icons, you can directly place your icons in $ORACLE_HOME\forms\java directory

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