Key Mapping in Oracle Forms 10g and Forms 11g | Shortcut keys

Key mapping or key binding defines how an application should respond when mapped key is typed. Usually application executes some function in repose. For example in Forms 6i, when user types F9, List of value is displayed to the user. It means that key F9 is mapped to function “List of Values”.

In oracle Forms this key mapping is defined in fmrweb.res file. Oracle provided a tool named “Oracle Terminal” in Forms 6i to customize key mapping. In Forms 10g and Forms 11g this file is directly editable. In Forms 11g this file can be located at following location


In Forms 10, frmweb.res can be located in \forms directory

As you know, in Forms 10g and 11g “List of values” is mapped to “Ctrl+L” key. Following section explains how to change “List of values” to F9 key. Let have a look at the following line in frmweb.res file which maps “List of values” to “Ctrl+L” key

76 : 2 : “Ctrl+L” : 29 : “List of Values”

it very important to understand the syntax.

76: is the key code of “L” character

2: means that it will be accessed with “Ctrl” key, 1 is used for “Shift” key and 0 is used to access it stand alone

Ctrl+L: it is the key used to access

List of values: it is function called when the “Ctrl+L” is type

To re-map List of values from “Ctrl+L” to F9 key, we need key code of F9 key which is 120. A complete list of key codes can be view at following link

Keyboard keys and Key Values

Now edit key mapping for List of values as under

120 : 0 : “F9” : 29 : “List of Values”

To test it, restart your forms application. Now List of values is available with F9 key. similarly if you want to use “Shift+F” for List of values, use following mapping

120 : 1 : “Shift+F9” : 29 : “List of Values”

and use following mapping to access List of values with “Ctrl+F9”

120 : 2 : “Ctrl+F9” : 29 : “List of Values”

If you want to retains all Forms 6i short keys in Forms 10g or Forms 11g, visit following page.

5 thoughts on “Key Mapping in Oracle Forms 10g and Forms 11g | Shortcut keys”

  1. Hi,

    At my job when I’m using Forms I can’t use the shortcut to compile all MAJ+CTRL+K. Then when I checked my fmrweb.res there is no definition for this shortcut. Could you help me with the code that I should add in this file to be able to use this shortcut?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. frmweb.res contains key shortcuts to be used at run-time. Design time keys do not use frmweb.cfg. However, tell me what version of oracle Forms is being used at your end. By default, CTRL+SHIFT+K is active in all Forms versions for compilation purpose.

  3. if users open a form(let, parent form) in which on trigger when-window-activate, its open another form(lets child form). In the child form, when-window-activate, if we use next_form, the cursors did not come back to the parent form.
    Could you help me for this issue?

  4. Ranjit,

    Actually, when when-window-activate trigger of child window calls next_form, then focus is transferred to parent window, so this causes to fire the when-window-activate of parent window again and as result of this focus is again transferred to child.

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