FireFox, IE crash with Forms 10g, Replace Jinitiator with JRE

Oracle Jinitiator is no longer compatible with oracle forms services. By default, Oracle Forms services 10g uses Jinitiator to run Forms applications. Jinitiator was compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox version 2.0. But latest internet explorer like IE 8 and 9 crash with Jinitiator. Similar behavior is seen with Firfox version 3.0 and later.

To resolve this problem, you must configure JRE to work with forms services 10g. It is really easy and requires only very little work. Forms services 10g are by default configured to run with JRE 1.4.2_06. To get this working, locate following lines in your FORMSWEB.CFG file,

# System parameter: default base HTML file
# System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client
# System parameter: base HTML file for use with Sun’s Java Plug-In

Make changes as shown in bold face below.

# System parameter: default base HTML file
# System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client
# System parameter: base HTML file for use with Sun’s Java Plug-In

Make sue that following parmaments in FORMSWEB.CFG are as mentioned below.


Now install J2RE version 1.4.2_06 from following URL,



you can also omit version no from following line,


after ommiting version, above line will look like following


Now you can use any latest JRE version. (Thanks to S Shamji and JoeAStudent for thier comments related to version change )

Remove Jinitiator from you computer and restart OC4J instance. Now your Forms application 10g will use Sun’s Java plug-in instead of Jinitiator.


Looks like Firefox 12 does not work by omitting version no from formsweb.cfg. Instead you need to provide correct installed version.

For example, If you have jre 1.6.x installed in your system then edit following line as under.


The above line covers JRE 6 with all update levels.

If still facing problem then provide the exact version of JRE with update level as under.


In “formsweb.cfg”, jpi_classid indicates the version of JRE. “clsid:CAFEEFAC-0014-0002-0006-ABCDEFFEDCBA” indicates that 1.4.2_06 or any later version can be used.


Configuration for Webutil to work with JRE


For webutil to work with jre, locate following line in webutil configuration,


Change it as under,


Now locate following lines,


remove above two line and add following line


I tested webutil setting on Forms [32 Bit] Version

Below is my webutil configuration,




Configuring Auto Download of JRE at Client


You can configure automatic download of JRE at client using following steps. In IE, it will automatically download JRE and initiates install process but in Firefox, user will be required to click on “Manual Install” button.

1- Copy required exe file in a virtual directory on forms server. You can create a new virtual directory or use an existing virtual directory. For example, you can place you .exe file in /forms/java folder

2- Edit jpi_download_page and jpi_codebase parameters as under,



Above setting is for JRE6u23.

Alternately you can also specify download location from oracle website as under,



for complete list of URL for all JRE version, visit following URL

Above settings were test on Forms



124 thoughts on “FireFox, IE crash with Forms 10g, Replace Jinitiator with JRE”

  1. Hi,

    I tried you solution and it works with IE and Google Chrome. But does not work with Firefox. It says aditional plugins are required to display all the media on this page – Install Missing Plugins… I installed the J2RE version 1.4.2_06 but it still asks for the plugin. Please advise.


  2. First de-install all others JRE versions from your system and try again.

    Following line in formsweb.cfg points to installed version of JRE


    You can edit this if you want to use other versions of JRE.

  3. I updated the jpi_mimetype entry from:




    and now I have the site working in Firefox.

    Thankyou very much.

  4. Firefox works, but with version 3.5.19. With newer releases it asks for plugin. What to do to make it run in Firefox 4?

  5. hi, i want to try this solution but not sure where i can get the jre 1.6.0_04 or 1.6.0_16 as i’m using form patch set 3 ( can u pls advise me where i can find the installer ?? many thanks.

  6. I did all steps and set jpi_mimetype as Shamji said, but it’s still not working with Firefox (3.0.19) nor with IE (6.0).

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Calil,

    can you list down the steps you have taken and also tell me that which version of Oracle Application server you have installed or the version of oracle Forms ( if you are using built-in using Forms services in oracle developer suite). And what error you are getting when you run Form in browser?

  8. First I uninstalled JInitiator and then I installed J2RE After that, I changed the indicated parameteres in formsweb.cfg, with the jpi_mimetype change done by Shamji, as he told in his comment. Finally, I restarted OC4J.

    In Firefox, “ORACLE FORMS.” is shown and then the browser asks for the installation of a plugin, which the plugin search engine shows that is unknown. In IE, at first the browser displayed the same as Firefox does, but, when I enabled ActiveX, it turned into a blank page.

    My version of Forms is

  9. Calil,

    Actually I tested it on Forms and oracle AS 10gR2. I need to test this procedure for Forms

  10. I have followed this but IE still attempts to install Jinitiator, if I ask it not to install I get a blank page. It won’t run under Chrome. I have made the change suggested by Shamji but the page tells me a plugin is missing in Chrome and attempts the Jinitiator install in IE.

    Any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks.

  11. Following line are from original formsweb.cfg file,

    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with Sun’s Java Plug-In

    Note the comments before each line.
    by default Forms server tries to load “baseHTMLjinitiator”. So if you replace basejini.htm with basejpi.htm, it will always load system parameter file which uses Sun’s java plug-in.

  12. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have been messing with this for the last 4hrs before I found this post. I m running windows 7, IE8 and Oracle 10g. Your instructions worked beautifully!!

  13. Thank you.
    I have been working on this since last night, finally every thing is working fine except that after opening the page it vanish again. All I can see nothing, but blank page. I guess, I have missed something.

    Thank you.

  14. hi,

    I use oracle 10g and forms and reports 9i developer 2000 . I did change the formsweb.cfg as suggested by you and am able to login to the url of my software package, but after that i am not able to do any data entry. that is getting deactivated whereas the reports are working fine. Please let me know what would be the problem

  15. Nayayan,

    Above procedure is just for Forms. What do you mean by deactivated. Can you see your form and all fields?

  16. hi,

    After i log on i get the screen where there are menus to click on to do data entry or take reports.

    what i meant was after i log on only the reports tab is working and all other menu buttons is not working.

    I can send u a screen shot of the page to your mail id if you can provide.

  17. narayan,

    Test it on a simple form, for example, a wizard based form based on Employee (HR schema) or EMP(SCOTT schema) table. And the directory where you save you forms should not contain space in the path.

    Also try following URL,


    and see does it loads the default form. Above URL will load Test.fmx shipped by oracle.

    You can upload screen shot on any image hosting site like After uploading, send me the URL of the image.

  18. This is an awesome article! Thank You. One small comment…

    You don’t need JRE 1.4.2, you can use the most recent version, just follow the tutorial and take the version specification off the last line.

    Mine looks like this and I am using 1.6.29

  19. Nafaa,

    Did you uninstalled Jinitiator? Remove all Java plugins from your system and restart it and then try again. Also try it on different browsers.

  20. Great job from all, but I have some forms contains Webutil, so they loaded then disappeared, is there anythign I can do to run webutil forms?

  21. Which browser is causing this error. Microsoft internet explorer may cause this error if the security settings are at high level.You can also try to run Form in some other browser.

  22. it shown error oracle jinitiator version too low.
    how to solve it? i thought it should use the jre?

  23. What is the version of JRE installed in your environment? I guess, you are using version 7 of JRE. If so, uninstall it and install JRE 6 with any update level.

  24. To make this successful, from where jinitiator has to be uninstall and sun j2se has to be installed from client computer or from server where oracle application server 10g( is installed.

  25. thanks alot. i installed jre6 but i had jre7 before.after uninstall the jre7 everything go well

  26. please admin i do all in your article it doesn’t work with (IE . firefox . google chrome )
    but it do with explorer call maxon and the the big trouple it do with jre 1.4.2_06 and when irun form it change the system to the aero mode

  27. admin i uninstall jre 1.4.2_06 and istall jre 6 and it work good with IE but doesn’t work with
    firefox . google chrome

  28. Mohamedtolba,

    Try removing “;jpi-version=1.4.2_06” from following line in formsweb.cfg.


  29. i do it and its work good but with internet explorer only and thanks very much for attention to reply and i m very pleasure because its didn’t work before i do the steps in your article

    how can i make it does with firefox (v 12)??

  30. admin it work with windows 7 32bit
    now i install windows 7 64bit and repeat the same steps and when run form the out put is blank page else . please help me .
    how can i make it run ???

  31. Mohamedtolba,

    Looks like Firefox 12 does not work by omitting version no from formsweb.cfg. Instead you need to provide correct installed version.

    For example, If you have jre 1.6.x installed in your system then edit following line as under.


    The above line covers JRE 6 with all update levels.

    This should also resolve problem in 64 bit OS. And remember, JRE 7 is not compatible with forms services 10g.

  32. HI,
    I have both entires in formsweb.cfg – for jinitiator and jre as mentioned in above post. but still the at client workstation the forms open with jinitiator. Do i need to hash the entries for Jinitiator and let alone Jre settings?
    Please help.

  33. Bash,

    Your “formsweb.cfg” should point to JRE by using “basejpi.htm” for JInitiator clients as under,

    # System parameter: default base HTML file
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client

  34. Hi Admin,
    Ok, got it.
    However, could you tell what changes do I need to make in above code for java 1.6.0_31…i mean does download path etc should be changed?


  35. Bash,

    updating jpi_mimetype should be resolve the problem. For 1.6.0_31, use following settings,


    jpi_download_page setting is used to allow user to download the required version. jpi_download_page URL should point to correct version. jpi_classid indicates the version of JRE. “clsid:CAFEEFAC-0014-0002-0006-ABCDEFFEDCBA” indicates that 1.4.2_06 or any later version can be used.

  36. Thank you admin,
    I will apply it and let you know result.
    Your explanation is wonderful…. 🙂

  37. Dear Admin,
    Would you please let me know
    1. do i need to change the above settings (download url, mimetype, callsdi, codebase) if I have Java 6 update 31 already installed on the client workstation?

  38. Hi admin,
    This jre based execution is very very very slow than ‘Jintiator’ in my system.
    Please How to Increase Execution performance??

    i am using Oracle Forms version.
    And my OS is win-XP(SP3).

    Few days back,i run forms on IE. But, suddenly Os not allowed to run.
    i didn’t changed any settings.

    I fallowed your i am able to run forms on IE but not on Firefox.
    I uninstalled all jre versions and i installed JRE 1.6 version only.
    But Firefox is asking for inst-plugins.

    Please say clearly..

  39. For firefox, you need to supply the correct version of JRE by updating jpi_mimetype in forms web.cfg. For details, see the last portion of the post.

    For speed issue, you might want to search this problem on “”. See Note 363285.1 for complete list of problems and discussions.

  40. hi , my oracle application is running properly with jre pluggin, but webutil dosen’t respod to sun jre. Webutil application form running properly with jinitiator..please can you help how to configure webutil with sun jre.

  41. Thank you very much indeed. Quick question. I’m currently running jre and I’ve done the necessary configuration as you directed. I have a client running jre 1.7. It has chrome, Mozilla 11 and IE 9.0. The good news is that they work as expected. They can all run the app. I have another client running and having all the browsers mentioned above. IE and Mozilla work but the chrome is still asking for plugin. What can be done? I don’t have jpi-version at the end of jpi_mimetype.

  42. Thanks. I have figured I out. The java plugin for the chrome some how was very old. I had to change it from the registry. Mozilla plugins under HKLM-software.

  43. Hi,

    I have made the following changes to formsweb.cfg:
    # System parameter: base HTML file for use with JInitiator client

    restarted opmn

    I have removed jinitiator and installed the java in

    When i run the application, it is still prompting to install JInitiator.

    Please advise,


  44. hi dirish,

    Configuration seems OK. What is your browser version? Try it in IE and let me know the results. If there is an error, provide me with exact error description.

  45. I tried it on IE 6,7 and 8. There is no error, but the browser is prompting to install the JInitiator.

  46. Kindly answer following questions,

    -What is the version of Oracle Forms?
    – Are you trying to configure it on Application server or in Forms services that are part of Oracle Developer?
    -What is calling URL?
    – Are you using default configuration in formsweb.cfg?

    It might be possible that you have created a new configuration in formsweb.cfg and that configuration is still using basejini.htm. Search for basejini.htm in formsweb.cfg and replace it with basejpi.htm if found any.

  47. I have also commented this line

    # Forms applet archive setting for JInitiator

    issue same

  48. You have duplicate settings for baseHTML,baseHTMLjinitiator and baseHTMLjpi in Test configuration. Update these also or remove them.

  49. WinXP sp3, with IE8, using Oracle 11

    prob: can’t open forms

    updating to jre6u17 then jre7u5
    resetting ie defaults
    copying jvm.dll over jintiator versions

    note: user can use a co-workers computer, & open forms – on user’s laptop, if IE8 is opened as admin, the user can log in & open forms but not with any non-admin acct

    *any help would be appreciated

  50. Thanks Asif and Explore Oracle, finally its working.
    Actually there are so many entries in my formsweb.cfg thats y i was confused.

  51. Hi tekie,

    Provide me following information,

    1- Server information (Version of Forms server, if it is 11g then version of weblogic also.)
    2- What URL is being used to access Forms?
    3- What error is shown when you access Forms application?

  52. Thank you so much for your nice quote.
    Don’t know how long I’ve been looking for a solution for this problem.
    I did follow the procedure you gave step by step and finally I got my forms running.

  53. My environment is

    Client: Win7 32-bit, IE8
    Server: Win server 2003, Forms 10G
    JRE 1.6.0_33 both side.

    In some forms, the data are not modifiable.

    However, I modify the same data with JRE 1.4.2_06 on Win XP with IE8

    Does anyone else have this problem with Win7 ?

  54. If you are using JRE 1.6.0_33, it is fine. You do not need JRE 1.4.2_06. And problem in modification of data is not related to version of JRE. It might be some thing else.

  55. Thanks Admin,

    Forms release?
    Webutil settings?
    JRE settings?
    IE8 settings?
    Windows 7 settings in registry?

    I’m really annoyed by this problem.

  56. Partice,

    There is no settings in webutil, JRE or windows register that may cause the form to open in query only mode.

    Can you make sure following,

    1- Run these Forms directly from builder and verify that it is modifiable.

    2- In Forms you can open a From in query only mode using following statement,

    call_form (formname, HIDE, NO_REPLACE, QUERY_ONLY);

    Now called form will be open in query only mode. Make sure that this is not the case.

    have a look at following link to find out that what can cause a Form to open in query only mode.

  57. By force of testing, I’ve come to understand that the problem is that you can not access to control using the mouse in a form. Navigation between controls is only possible by the tab key or the arrow keys.

    The mouse does not work properly in the forms. It can not be used to locate the focus to a control.

    Thank you for any suggestion if you ever observe this weird with Forms 10G, using IE8 under Win 7.

    I recall that the same 10G Forms applet works correctly with IE8 on XP, using JRE 1.4.2

  58. I myself use an application deployed on application server 10gR2 and Forms services 11g. I have win7(32 bit) and IE8. I have JRE 1.6.0_24. Never faced such problem.

  59. Thanks alot, its realy worked for me wel, got win2003 server 32 bit applying this procedure worked for all type of clients, xp,win7(both 32&64 bit client)

  60. I have a windows 7 op system, and I am not able to find FORMSWEB.CFG file, could you help me with this as I checked in the system files and didn’t find anything under forms.

  61. Loretta,

    Formsweb.cfg can be found under $Oracle_Home\forms\server directory. This is a server side configuration file.

  62. I have question about installation of JRE. I must install JRE on the machine where is installed Oracle forms or on a client where i want open forms in browser. And also i need to uninstall jinitiator on a client and server with oracle forms?

  63. i am using windows 7 ..i3 laptops ..forms not running in internet expl..pls give solution

  64. Hi Anton,

    JRE should be installed on client. And before installing JRE, uninstall all all other java plug-ins like Jinitiator from client machine.

  65. Dear admin,

    I have changed according to the steps provided and it is working like a charm except for the button images doesnt show. any help?


  66. How did you deployed images. In a jar file or in a directory? Try to access images directly to make sure that images are accessible.

  67. Faseeh,

    I guess you have created a new configuration section for jre plugin to work in formsweb.cfg and it is missing reference to jar file.
    Your configuration in formsweb.cfg should contain following,

    archive_jini=NameOfTheIconJarFile.jar, frmall_jinit.jar

    If jar file is inside virtual directory, provide virtual directory alias with jar file name.

  68. Dear Admin,

    Great job , but I have some forms which embedded Webutil, when it load then ask for jinit. In my client pc Jre 1.6…… is installed. Jre 1.6….. is working fine in which is not embedded with webutil. kindly suggest me how can i resolved this problem.


  69. Arafat,

    I have added a new section in above post with heading “Configuration for Webutil to work with JRE”. See it and kindly update me if it works.

  70. Dear Admin,

    I have tested your suggestion but not working.

    Can you tell me pl how can i download JRE from my application server without connecting internet. In that case what will be the configuration on formsweb.cfg

  71. Arafat,

    I am sorry, I did not test my suggestion before passing it you. I have now tested it and one more change is also required.

    Locate following lines in your webutil configuration,


    remove above two line and add following line


  72. I have installed jre 1.7.0_09.. form runs on firefox.. but not editable.. means i cannot enter any new query on this form.. only form is running.. but not editable…

    please provide a solution

  73. my version of form is forms 10g…

    forms are running properly.. but keyboard navigation not possible

  74. Dear Admin,
    Thanks a lot. Now my embedded webutil forms is working with win 7. Thanks…………………………………………………………………………………….
    Great job…

  75. Taroon,

    Can you test your forms with JRE 1.6.x and let me know if it works properly.
    I could not understand your question about running forms locally without browser. The main purpose of architectural change from Forms 6i to 9i,10g and 11g was to make Forms application available for web. But you can run forms in a window outside of browser by setting following parameter to true in formsweb.cfg file.


  76. Thanks so much for the fab blog. The initial solution worked very well for me in that I now have my Forms application working in both IE & Chrome using JRE.

    I have, however, caused an issue with my WEButil. When I attempt to export to a csv file, I get the following error;
    oracle.form.webutil.file. Filefunctions bean not found. Client_text_io.fopen will not work.
    Any ideas ?
    Thanks in advance

  77. Hi Rita,

    Did you configur webutil to work with JRE as mentioned in “Configuration for Webutil to work with JRE” section in above post. And make sure than you are using the webutil configuration to open Forms.

    Perhaps first you need to make sure that your WebUtil Forms are working with JRE. You can do it with a simple Form that messages the IP or hostname of the client.

  78. Rita,
    I got your new comment. Your webtuil setting is correct. When your form is called, can you confirm that it is using webutil configuration?
    Forms are called with following URL format,

    Note “config=test”, this is name of configuration being used from formsweb.cfg. In your case, your Form URL should have “config=”webutil”

    But as you said, this was working properly before you made changes. So if it is using correct webutil configuration and still getting the error then probably it is hard to find-out problem without looking at code. For example, have a look at following URL,

    If your Form is standalone, you can share it with me. I can check it my environment. You can send it on the email which I have provided at your email.

  79. Thank you so very much for your professional and Invaluable help and for providing me with the solution on this issue. Your tireless help has saved me from even more grey hairs. Thanks again. Rita

  80. HI Admin, great site and very helpful

    we have app server using jinitiator, wanted to replace with Jre 1.6u18+ to make it work with ie8,firefox,chrome. before i make changes i have quick questions to,

    1. after changing formweb.cfg as per your recommendation, do we need to update JRE 1.6u18+ in application server as well and delete default jinitior in app server? or just changing formweb.cfg will simply work with all client mechines?

  81. Sam,

    On application server, you need to change formsweb.cfg only.

    On client side, you need to uninstall JInitiator and install JRE 1.6.

  82. thank you admin, we have huge number of clients, so we need to manually install jre on clients machines after formweb changes? or there is any automated way to install jre and uninall jinitiator after formweb changes on all client mechines ? pl advice

  83. Sam,
    Actually it is not mandatory to uninstall JInitiator.
    For auto download of JRE on clients, I have added a new section in above post as “Configuring Auto Download of JRE at Client”.
    Kindly have a look at that and let me know if it works for you.

  84. Thanks Admin.

    This stuff works. But ONE Issue– hope u may help me — after changing for java from jinit, now forms does not show the icons– i mean icons are not visible in the forms. otherwise things are very fine.

    any guess pls.

  85. Sive,

    How you have deployed the icons. Are they in a jar file or some where else?

  86. I have the following features on my machine:
    OS: Windows 7 32bit
    Java: 1.7.0_11
    I have not installed Jinitiator

    The configuration I have is the following:
    userid=user/[email protected]
    pageTitle= Test.

    The application runs perfect, but when I try loguearme the system or perform some action is presented to the following error:

    “ bean not found.
    WEBUTIL_HOST.Execute will not work”

  87. Hi Eddy,

    You are using webutil, so read “Configuration for Webutil to work with JRE” section in above post and configure formsweb.cfg according to that.

  88. Hi Admin,

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    But if as you say and see “Configuration for Webutil to work with JRE” section above and set the two variables just mentioned.
    When running the application are the following errors:
    ->”WUC-24: Error reading URL address

    ->”Unable to write to the local file C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\JNIsharedstubs.dll. Failed to download URL http://server:8889/forms/webutil/JNIsharedstubs.dll

    ->”Unable to write to the local file C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\d2kwut60.dll. Failed to download URL http://server:8889/forms/webutil/d2kwut60.dll

    After I load these application errors, but when I try to enter the system presents the following error:
    ->”You can access the library d2kwut60.dll or does not contain the function d2kwutil_GetRegKey”

    ->”It returned an object of the object cache is not kinds CFunc”
    Do not know if I’ll be right, but the jacob.jar already in C:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms\java

    In advance thanks for the help


  89. Eddy,

    JRE7 is not supported with Forms 10g, Uninstall JRe7 and install any version of Jre6 and let me know the result. Try it with both JRE6 32 bit & 64 bit.

  90. lang.class not found main forms engine…..what should i do with this error. I am using IE8 with with windows 7

  91. We’re using forms6i with oracle 9i AS. There’s a way to make Jinitiator or JRE to work with new browser version (IE8 or IE9 or FF) on Windows 7 x64 and x32?

  92. hi,

    I’m facing an issue when run the oracle forms. I have followed the same instructions given above still didn’t work out.
    Getting the below error on IE 10 when I run the form.
    “FRM-92095: Oracle JInitiator version too low. Please install version or higher”
    I have done the JRE set up version 1.6.0_43.

    Thanks in advance

  93. If you don’t want to be dependent on a browser you can use Oracle Forms EXEJar to run your Oracle Forms application outside a browser as an executable JAR file. Just google for Forms EXEJar or ThinForms

  94. after following the instructions that you’ve given us, I’ve encountered an error.
    FRM-92100: Your connection to the server was interrupted. Where could possibly gone wrong?

  95. FIX IT! The problem is that NLS_LANG has been set to an invalid value in the environment of the user starting Oracle Forms Services.

    The solution is to Set NLS_LANG to a valid value like AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8MSWIN1256 in the default.env file or any custom environment file which is being used.

    Now it works for me.. Thank you for this great tutorial..

  96. Thanks a lot!!!!. One thing, I was working with Forms 10, and Java 7 does not works!, so you need to use up to Java 6. The version I’ve tested was 1.6 udate 24.

    The other thing, the parameter baseHTML=base.htm is not necesary to be changed, and the parameter baseHTMLjinitiator=basejpi.htm is necessary for Internet Explorer, Firefox Works Perfectly without this change.

    jpi-version=1.6.0_24 to be understood by Firefox, you need to change jpi-version and leave it as version, and if you want, you only need leave the value as 1.6, in that case you can use any jre.

    In my case I’ve leave it as 1.4 and works like a charm.

    Other thing, in your application, if in this varuables:

    if you have your own jars that were loaded before in archive_jini=frmall_jinit.jar, myjar.jar

    You need to leave the same thing in the variable archive:

    archive_jini=frmall_jinit.jar, myjar.jar
    archive=frmall.jar, myjar.jar

    Once again, thank you very much!

  97. It works fine with IE version 11.
    Did the changes in directory
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Oracle\Toolkit\TKBrowser\C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore

    Did the Changes in form builder preferences setting
    open the form builder
    Edit –>preferences–>runtime–>web browser location –>C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore

    Click on reset to default.
    start OC4J
    run the form
    Internet exploer will open and form will appear
    If only Blank page s appearing then again run the form from form builder

    Hope this will help somebody.
    /** Different cases are having different solutions

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