Enable Forms 6i short keys in Forms 10g and Forms 11g

Shortcuts in Forms 10g and 11g are different from Forms 6i keys. For example, Forms 6i uses F10 as short key to save records while in Forms 10g and 11g, CTRL+S is default short key to save or commit changes. If you have migrated an app from older version then probably you would be looking some way to retain key shortcuts. This can be done by using a resource file named “fmrpcweb.res”. By default, Forms 10g and 11g use “frmweb.res” to manage key mapping. Do following steps to enable older short keys.

Create a new configuration in Formsweb.cfg and use “otherparams” parameter to supply resource file for key mapping as under,

otherparams= term=/home/oracle/1010202Mid/forms/admin/resource/US/fmrpcweb.res

Now you should use myConfiguration while calling forms as under,


The “fmrpcweb.res” resource file is located in Forms directory under middleWare home. in Forms 11g, this file can be located at following location


In Forms 10g, fmrpcweb.res can be located in \forms directory

If you want to customize one ore more specific keys, visit following link to see how this can be done.





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