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Muhammad Asif Anwar

Currently working as Java Developer. More than 10 years of Professional Experience. Experienced in following tools/technologies

Spring (Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Core, Spring-WS)
Apache Struts
Oracle Database
Oracle Forms

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  1. Hi Asif,

    I have one doubt related to SCN,
    How the scn is associated with redo records,
    As SCN number is ever increasing, how it relates the trasaction ,when it was started and when it is commited.

    Please tell me where i can ask my question on this portal.

  2. Whenever a transaction completes either with commit or rollback, next SCN is issued by database. This SCN is recorded in controlfile and all redo logs.

  3. Hey Asif
    I want to ask you a personal question about oracle field. I am IT student at NUST Pakistan and i want to do final year project in oracle databases. is this be valuable for practical life.

  4. Nasir,

    What kind of project it will be?. Is it gonna be business application using oracle database at back-end and some development tool at front end? Or you are planning to do a pure database project like replication or RAC type. Or are you planning to do some sort of research work on oracle’s implementation of RDBMS core concepts and theories?

  5. i am new to oracle. i had come across solution to some problems in oracle in your blog and had some doubts in the following topic. had left a comment, but found that the comment was not moderated.

    FireFox, IE crash with Forms 10g, Replace Jinitiator with JRE

    Hide username and password while calling oracle Reports

    Is there any procedure to be followed? If so pl do let me know

  6. hi! tel about the archived log files for working function and what purpose use explain this detail….your other oracle topic was really good..

  7. Hi,

    Yes I achieved this behavior with following steps,

    1- Created a VO and added LOV (list type as input list with list of values) to an attribute of VO.

    2- Drop the attribute on Form. It created the LOV with default behavior.

    3- Now instead of attaching this field to attribute from VO created in step 1, I attached it to a bean using binding property. Model property is still bound to listOfValue model but field itself is not bound to that attribute. I used binding property to bind it to a bean but I guess it can also be bound to some other VO using value property(but this needs to be tested).

    4- Removed the validator from page.

    Doing above steps, fields is using the LOV created in step 1 but since it is attached to different attribute, it also accepts a value that is not LOV.

  8. Hi Asif,

    I need on going porjects related help around PL/SQL reports developement in Oracle 11g platform. Building packages/procedures etc on transactional data sourcing from enterprise warehouse.
    you seem to have the right skill set so wondring how do I contact you ?
    cell # preferred.


  9. Hi Asif Anwar,

    You are doing a great job. being 7 years of experience you have vast knowledge, It’s really surprised!. I would like to appreciate your work and effort from my deep heart. May Allah Bless you and sharpen your knowledge along with your every answers you replied to others.

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